Geopathic Stress

You can find geopathic stress zones all over the world, and can distinguish them by cracks, gaps, waterruns, cross lines, etc.Many symptoms, like bedwetting in children, sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue, depressions or anxieties can be traced down to geopathic stress .Many chronic cases, such as back pain, migraines, arrhythmias, fibromyalgia, infertility, multiple sklerosis and cancer that can be triggered or worsened by geopathic stress over the years.

The fact that humans tend to be lazy, when advise to be move , they want to keep things the way they were and don’t want changes. When advised someone to move their beds from the geopathic spot to a different place, patients will not always agree—and you can hear all kinds of excuses, like the room is too small, the bed couldn’t be moved because of its size, or it wouldn’t look nice! The patient whose geopathic stress zone hit his pelvis and lower abdominal region was not willing to move his bed. His symptoms were according: chronic prostate problems, sleeping disorders, nightmares, chronic pain in his hips and lower back pain.

To improve the quality of health should :

*Remove the TV sets from the bedroom in order to reduce electrosmog.

*Remove computers from the bedroom for the same reason.

*Remove the clock radio and use a battery clock instead, for the same reason.

*Prefer wardrobes without mirrors because mirrors can reflect radiation.

*Prefer wooden beds to metal beds, because metal beds collect radiation.

*Avoid waterbeds because they need constant electricity to heat them up.

*Use as little electricity as possible in your bedroom; this includes lamps, spots, etc.

*Let enough fresh air into the room- lack of oxygen can disturb sleeping patterns.

*Prefer quiet rooms to rest—avoid noise area.

*Go to bed far before midnight

*Avoid late dinners or late alcoholic drinks—the stomach won’t digest them.


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