Pump Away Menopause Problems!

“The Pump.”; This exercise improves blood circulation through the pelvis, thereby promoting healthier ovarian function. It helps relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, as well as PMS and menopause-related anxiety. It also strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.

• Lie down and press the small of your back into the floor. This allows you to use your abdominal muscles without straining your lower back.

• Keep your back flat on the floor and let the rest of your body remain relaxed.

• Slowly raise your right leg while breathing in. Make a conscious effort to move slowly. Imagine your leg is being pulled up smoothly by a spring.

• Hold for a few breaths; exhale as you lower your leg.

• Repeat this exercise on your left side.

• Repeat entire sequence, alternating legs, 5-10 times.

• Close your eyes and relax your entire body.

• Inhale slowly, breathing from the diaphragm.

• As you inhale, visualize the energy in the air around you being drawn in through your entire body. Imagine your body is porous and open like a sponge, drawing in this energy and revitalizing every cell in your body.

• Exhale slowly and deeply, allowing all tension to drain from your body.

• Repeat 2-4 times.


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