Hepatitis and Homeopathy

The liver has everything to do with how we live, that’s why it is called the liver. The state of your liver will have a huge bearing upon how well you live, how long you will live and how you will look and feel.

Liver  Facts

  1. ·        Weighs about 1 pound.
  2. ·        Carries out 1000s of functions per day.
  3. ·        Effects the emotions.
  4. ·        Cleanses the blood.
  5. ·        Helps regulate blood sugar.
  6. ·        Metabolizes fats.
  7. ·        Synthesizes vitamin A.
  8. ·        Breaks down toxic substances.
  9. ·        Stores iron for the body.
  10. ·        Stores glycogen (converted glucose).
  11. ·        Metabolizes carbohydrates. Metabolizes proteins

Liver Functions

What  Liver Symptoms Do You Have?

  • 1) Right shoulder stiffness, tightness or soreness?
  • 2) Irritable or stressed?
  • 3) Fuzzy or foggy vision?
  • 4) Headaches?
  • 5) Poor concentration or focus?
  • 6) Itchy, irritated, red or dry eyes?
  • 7) Insomnia, restless or rough sleep?
  • 8) Fed up with people or have little patience with them?
  • 9) Liver problems or hot flashes?
  • 10) Dry, bad, itchy, burning or irritated skin?
  • 11) A constant itch that never goes away?
  • 12) Muddled or muddy thinking?
  • 13) Overwhelming moods or emotions?
  • 14) Wound up and ready to explode?
  • 15) Gallbladder flare ups or issues?
  • 16) Use or crave alcohol or spirits?
  • 17) Nose, sinus or chest congestion?
  • 18) Acne, boils, rashes or breakouts?



A number of diseases can affect the liver such as acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and tumors. The underlying causes of these disease states include viral infections like hepatitis A, B and C alcohol,  by long-term overuse of drugs or other toxins (poisons), metabolic disorders and immunological factors.

 Although there are several different types of  hepatitis, hepatitis B is a type that can move from one person to another through blood and other bodily fluids. It can be transmitted through sexual intercourse and through needles — such as those shared by intravenous drug or steroid users who have the virus, or tattoo needles that haven’t been properly sterilized. A pregnant woman can also pass hepatitis B to her unborn baby. You cannot catch hepatitis B from an object, such as a toilet seat.

What Are the Symptoms?

  • ·        hepatitis B may have symptoms similar to those caused by other viral infections, such as the flu
  • ·        tiredness,-feel tired
  • ·        nausea  and vomiting
  • ·         pain underneath the right ribcage where the liver is.
  • ·        feel sick to your stomach
  • ·        have a fever- mild fever
  • ·        not want to eat- loss of appetite
  • ·        have stomach pain as well as abdominal pain
  • ·        have diarrhea

Some people have

Hepatitis B can also cause jaundice,

  • ·        dark yellow urine- may cause the urine to appear brownish
  • ·        light-colored stools
  • ·        yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes (yellowish eyes )

How Long Until Symptoms Appear?

Someone who has been exposed to hepatitis B may have symptoms 1 to 4 months later. Some people with hepatitis B don’t notice symptoms until they become quite severe. Some have few or no symptoms, but even someone who doesn’t notice any symptoms can still transmit the disease to others. Some people carry the virus in their bodies and are contagious for the rest of their lives.

What Can Happen?

Hepatitis B can be very dangerous to a person’s health, leading to liver damage and an increased risk of liver cancer. Of babies born to women who have the hepatitis B virus, 90% will have the virus unless they receive a special immune injection and the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at birth.


How Is It Prevented?

Hepatitis infection can be serious, but knowing what puts you at risk can help protect you.Because hepatitis B can easily be transmitted through blood and most body fluids, it can be prevented by:

  • ·        abstaining from sex (not having oral, vaginal, or anal sex -all types of sexual intercourse)
  • ·        health care wear gloves at all times  .  be sure avoiding contact with an infected person’s blood
  • ·        not using intravenous drugs or sharing any drug paraphernalia
  • ·        not sharing things like toothbrushes or razors
  • ·        Avoid eating raw shellfish (such as clams or oysters).
  •          You could put yourself at risk for hepatitis A if the shellfish was harvested from contaminated water.
  • ·        If you are thinking about getting a  piercing, be sure the shop sterilizes needles properly.
  •           Poorly sterilized or nonsterile needles put people at risk for hepatitis B or C.

 For this reason, it’s especially important to see a doctor quickly after any possible exposure to the virus.

dfgjkHow Is It Treated?

If you think you may have hepatitis B or if you have been intimate with someone who may have hepatitis B, you need to see your doctor or  gynecologist, who will do blood tests. Let the doctor know the best way to reach you confidentially with any test results.

If your doctor diagnoses hepatitis B, you may get medicines to help fight it. Sometimes, people need to be hospitalized for a little while if they are too sick to eat or drink. Most people with hepatitis B feel better within 6 months.

Homeopathic medicine for Hepatitis  ?

  Do you know that hepatitis can be cured through homeopathy ?  Homeopathic system of medication has more than 100 remedies for jaundice and hepatitis . There are few common Homoepathic remedies which are very effective in treating liver problems especially hepatitis.The list of remedies commonly used ;

  • ·        .Aconite Napellus is good at the beginning stage, especially for newly born babies suffering from jaundice.
  • ·        Chelidonium – yellow faces and stitching pain in liver.
  • ·        China Off- is normally prescribed for constipation,pale or yellow urine.
  • ·        Merc. Sol – it is good for yellowish skin ,brownish urine, hoarse voices.
  •  ·        Phosphorus – best severe pain in the liver on lying on right side and also for cirrhosis
  • ·        Crotalus Horeidus-It is meant for chronic jaundice.
  • ·        and many more homoepathic remedies which are very effective in treating hepatitis either A,B or C.




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