Homeopathic remedies are widely used in Europe. There is a growing body of clinical evidence indicating homeopathy provides significant benefits in treating a number of conditions. Two hundred years of experience by physicians who specialize in homeopathy has consistently demonstrated that specially prepared homeopathic remedies are safe to use and can powerfully enhance a person’s natural healing response.

Health is the state of harmony between the body and mind. Each organ has no separate existence in the body, i.e. the organs are interdependent. When a particular organ is defective, the chain of harmony is broken and the disease results Disturbance of harmony results in disease which is expressed in the form of signs and symptoms. In every case of a disease, a person gives two types of symptoms – Common and Uncommon. Common symptoms are those symptoms which are found in most cases of a particular disease, whereas uncommon symptoms reflect the individuality of a patient. In Homeopathy, the patient should be treated as a whole rather than treating each organ separately. At the end of the treatment, not only are the symptoms removed, but the mind also becomes calm and peaceful.

Cure means removal of signs and symptoms, removal of tendency to get the disease and restoration of complete health. Cure should be brought by individualizing each patient, selecting a remedy by law of similars, and administering a minimum, diluted, potentised dose with no side effects.


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