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Homeopathy is excellent to use before you become “sick”. It is extremely helpful to work with a homeopath when you are ‘out of sorts’ or want to address your health before a chronic disease has developed.

In homeopathy we understand that a substance which can produce a set of symptoms, has the inherent ability to heal a similar condition.Homeopathic remedies are safe.Homeopathic remedies have never been recalled due to safety issues, side effects, or drug interactions.

Give yourself time to heal. While homeopathy can be a gentle and rapid way to restore health, if you have a chronic long-standing problem, give yourself time and space so that you can get better.


1) Right Medication for the

2) Right Patient in the

3) Right Dose by the

4) Right Route at the

5) Right Time

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Klinik Homeopathy

(Norhayati Homeopathic Consultant )

No: 6 , Tingkat Pertama,

Komplek Perhentian Bas,

44000,Kuala Kubu Baharu.

Hulu Selangor.




Business Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm.

Sunday : Close

Public Holiday: Under Appointments

Tel; 03-60644804


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8 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jawad Zia says:

    Dear SIr
    I have found this quite useful from Homeopathic point of view. But, unfortunately I could not see the full contentsof the site in English. I am a qualified Homeopath treating patients with medicines prepared on Radionic equipment in Pakistan.
    It is for the first time that I have noticed use of homeopathic medicines in various cities of Saudi Arabia. Can you please throw light in english as to how treatment was given in Saudia? Because apparantly homeopathic medicines are not allowed in Saudia due to alcoholic contents.
    Are there some homeopathic clinics working in Saudi Arab.
    Best Regards.
    Jawad Zia


      In this worldly life people always acquire knowledge (god gifted) using brain to think, ears to listen, eyes to observe, mean read what eyes can see, either from reading books (Al Qur’an) or by looking at the surrounding. Some peoples learn through an experienced of others or himself. By doing this human advanced their life, through technology year by year.
      Before people use to walk from place to place, then using bicycle then uses car, train and the latest by plane.
      The airplane technology also evolve to more sophisticated from propeller to jet engine and fly by wire.
      What about Homeopathy? It also evolves. People always like to use their brain, to acquire technology to make life easier.
      Homeopathy dilution most are made from raw ingredient, subject to impurity, and variation the quality of raw materials depended on the area collected or harvested. The end product also varying in quality depending on the origin country manufacturing
      Some research done by late Dr. Bruce Copen, that Homeopathy dilution at 30C from various manufacture not always at 30C, it vary, some higher and some lower. With modern electronic technology, homeopathy move forward to the benefit of consumer. Now a day homeopathy remedies can be produced repeatedly at the same potency quality, using high technology without alcohol. Years experienced by late Dr. Bruce Copen in his work show there is no difference in effect to the people who using it compare to homeopathy remedies prepared using common method.
      For those who ask and those who concern about halal and harem this is God blessing. Those who were seeking the high end quality products also have to bear in mind regarding the costing. The technology doesn’t cheap. Small out let have to burn to invest, to acquire the technology. Consumers have to absorb, but for those whose concern about halal and harem it a small matter compare to the benefit.
      Because of high technology involve high cost of investment, most homeopathy provider still prefer using dilution (contain grain alcohol). Consumer have a choice, they can ask, what remedies they prefer for benefit of their family. Homeopathy remedies without alcohol are on the market. Go and start looking for it.

      • Syed says:

        Dear sir,
        i m from India.
        i am very happy to know that homoeo medicines are prepared without using alcohol.I need detailed explanation regarding this alcohol-free homoeo medicines.plz inform me which homoeo pharmaceutical is marketing this type of medicine and also the cost this medicines.thank u sir.

  2. Dr.gayathri says:

    hello sir indeed its a great info to know that homoeopathic medicines without alcohol ,can you please guide me where can i find these medicines in saudi arabia riyadh .

    i am a qualified homoeopath from INDIA .

    • Welcome to the world of radionics; machine makes to copy or potentize any homeopathic remedy.
      Radionics is based on the understanding that every person’s energy patterns,frequencies,signatures,vibrations or rhythms are as unique as their fingerprints,and that every part of their body, down to the cell level, reflects these ‘vibrations’.When illness,injury,infection,stress,pollution,malnutrition or poor hygiene cause these patterns to become imbalanced or interruped, then the energy is altered,The altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body and treated by sanding messages, with an instrument, to the body in order that the body may heal itself through the restored flow of energy

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  4. Syed says:

    Sir plz give me reply as soon as possible. Thank u sir.

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