Prescribing Remedies

‘The physicians highest and sole profession is to restore people to health and this is called healing.”
The founder of homoeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) opens his book “Manual of the Art of Healing” with this sentence.

The possibilities available nowadays to a physician to achieve this goal of healing are manifold. A broad spectrum of diseases presents itself during the ambulant care of patients during dailypractice resulting in the necessity of having the broadest possible range of therapeutic possibilities at our fingertips. We can and should use the advantages of the respective method to the benefit of our patients. Due to modern apparatus-based medicine, man as an individual is pushed further and further into the background. Unfortunately many physicians lack a holistic approach, this lack being rather promoted by specialisation.

Detailed biographical anamnesis of the patient has top priority in biological medicine for the diagnosis and determination of a therapy plan. 70 % of the diagnoses result from the anamnesis, 20 % from the physical examination and 10 % from interdisciplinary technical examinations.

Primary anamnesis is used to create a picture of the entire personality. To this purpose, data regarding family anamnesis, self anamnesis and acute symptoms and signs are collected as well as information pertaining to condition, conditions of life, social habits and modalities. Previously suffered diseases, even if they were very banal, vaccinations or therapies are also a part of anamnesis because they can be signs of vicariation phenomena or blockades.

In his spontaneous report the patient describes his symptoms in his own words. It is important to listen carefully here because various comments can already be references for medicaments.

“It began all of a sudden.”
“After I was fully drenched.”
“The pain is a sharply stabbing one.”
“l feel deathly miserable.”


Aspects of Homoeopathy No.7
At The Royal Society of Medicine-London
APRIL the 8th 2000

A Lecture given by:
Dr. Med. Franz-Anselm Graf von Ingleheim.


2 Responses to Prescribing Remedies

  1. Raju says:

    My hands & legs shake when i feel tensed and when i strech my hand completly.I
    observed this when i am 20years, at my college i used to do heavy exercise i.e i started my exercises with 20pound dumble directly ,even i was adviced not to do so.
    I am unable to stop my hands shaking.Please suggest me homeopathy medicine.

    • homeopathy1 says:

      Homeopathy can be very succesfull if the right remedies are chosen.2. Arnica: Most of us are familiar with the use of Arnica in bruises, injury and strain. Even mental strain from being overworked and exhausted, can be helped by Arnica .

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