New approach

I am a Homeopath, who intend to spread the good news to all. Homeopathy a way to good health with the powerfully effective medicine and will bring you benefits and happiness in life.

Well as homeopathy doctor a consciousness to provide good quality remedy always a priority high. Fortunately with modern technology now a day these hustle can easily be overcome. High quality technology (HQT) can be used to produce homeopathy remedies in high quality potency. Acquiring these HQT equipment need high investment, so that a few able to have this facilities in their premises.

Modern day people use their body sample, to know their health problem. A few ml blood samples can be analyze using sophisticated technology, reveal to the hundred in formations. Such as virus, bacteria, sugar level, cholesterol level, and etc. In other ways it’s telling us that are not only our body is not healthy, but also the blood is not healthy, and the whole body terrain is not healthy also. Our body appearance and face expression also not healthy.

With the same method as above, sample of blood saliva urine can be analyze using HQT, and a remedy can be produced base on the sample as a reference, specific to the person the sample belong. No other person can use this remedy, strictly only for the person sample taken.

Through these method, good improvement can be achieved, gently, and speedy. After few visit people can tell their feeling and expression.


High Quality Technology (HQT) is an equipment engineered by alternative Doctor, using the latest knowhow to provide quality non invasive analyze to the unwell individual, and produce quality result. These high qualities analyze result by alternative Dr, do not reveal the diseases are; it indicates and shows the area or organ function or malfunction. This HQT equipment also can produce high quality homeopathy remedy base on the analyze result.


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